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Crisis leads to economic freeze and the business across the globe scramble hard pushing the extraneous expenses down the carpet. Meanwhile, the market is facing a recession, but searches have taken an unprecedented turn in the COVID crisis. 

Searches are booming with the people staying at home and preferring online shopping then brick and mortar ones. The shopping sprees are conducting more than ever searches every day and appearing high on those search results have never been more important.

The absence of cash flow in the economy is a matter of concern at such times. Earning relevant traffic through SEO is an opportunity to improve business revenue. Crisis grants an opportunity for the business to interact with the targeted audience base and analyze the search behavior and trends.

Furthermore, SEO services are affordable in the time of recession. This unique form of marketing doesn’t require an advertising budget or an upfront investment. A continuous pattern of investment in SEO strengthens a brand‘s future growth.

The Pandemic has affected the search results, revenue, and demand curve drastically and as a result of this, many industries are facing a downturn and some are prospering evermore.

Health and hygiene-related searches (YMYL) have surpassed and revised search trends. This sudden wave of change in industrial statistics and search behavior has topsy-surveyed the marketing strategy and scenario.

The most interesting thing about why businesses prefer to invest in SEO at the time of Crisis is traffic stays consistent, it does not waver.

Sales might drop and conversion rate might encounter a sharp decrease, internet penetration and searches are on the rise every day. The customers are searching for some or other thing every day and hence the business share chance to get noticed by the customers.

SEO is a long game and requires a consistent methodology that helps build traffic over time. It is the best way to fill the void created by the crisis. To quote Harry H Truman:

It is a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours

Recession is the happiest phase for the investors. Why? Because it’s the perfect time to buy low and sell high. This is why the crisis is the best time to invest in SEO and get a higher return on investments.

To rank high in the search results, the businesses need to ensure that their website is optimized for;

  • high volume keywords
  • compelling content
  • proper backlink strategy
  • on-page optimization, and
  • content marketing

Investing in PPC at a time of crisis yield unsatisfactory results, and a single blog post can draw thousands of visitors to a website in a month.

Investing in SEO at a time of recession signals the prospects of business being active and cost-effectively operating the business. This helps the business utilize the existing SEO plan for Local SEO Packages, National or International SEO plans to earn new customers.

It is the perfect time for the businesses to revamp the website structure, add content and pages, and optimizing it with the trending keyword set to ensure visibility and traffic.

This will make customers and prospects aware of the business updates and will help the business receive more footfalls once it gets back again.

Constructing an SEO strategy without proper analysis and facts is like purchasing a business without taking a look at the balance sheet.

Investing in SEO at the time of recession helps a business cover the recent marketing plans along with long-term requirements.

In the recession, the individuals are looking for a bargain, and the products they discover online on social media networks will appear like a hidden gem in comparison to those on the display ads which seem over-hyped.  Building social media presence during the time of crisis can help SEO efforts.

This is the prime time for businesses to analyze the search behavior curves, and develop a social media strategy that will prove beneficial in the future. The return on investment will be higher in the absence of high competition.

Many business stop SEO in the time of crisis, if the SEO is continued for a long time, the positive effects can be cumulative and help in improving the rankings of the most competitive keywords without investing extra. Google appreciates content that is well-written, original, and well-linked.

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The marketers should invest time in searching phrases what their audience is searching online and ensure that website is optimized with those keywords and phrases.  This ensures good visibility and rankings for a website.

The purpose of SEO is not just about increasing traffic but driving quality traffic to the website. If the visitors landing at a website as opposed to the trends, that means the website has great services or information to offer that interests user. In this sense, SEO can help in identifying qualified leads to nurture in the future.

Technology has penetrated the remote nerves and this can be witnessed from the fact that the consumers who use to rely on radio for news are utilizing Google and one who relied on caretakers is utilizing voice assistance to get the answers.

The search behavior has broader its lens, and this signals towards SEO becoming ever more important in skyrocketing business revenue.

Local search has become crucial with “near me” and “Open Now” searches becoming the keyword in crisis.

Even if the business is not available now, they can optimize your business to get found with improved services and re-opening dates.

SEO has become ever more important for small businesses because the customers are seeking nearby businesses due to travel restrictions and is an economic way to stand apart from their competitors.

COVID search trends are on the decline now; this indicates search trends never remain the same.


SEO is a potential solution for businesses experiencing financial troubles and slower traffic and sales.  A crisis is not a tragedy but an opportunity to improve the business performance online adapting the trends and right optimization strategies. It prepares you for gaining visibility for the most competitive keywords and gaining an edge over the competitors.

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