What is the strategy for speeding up WordPress Blog?

What are the essential tactics for improving WordPress Blog? Kindly please help me figure out the same.

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Try to make your website page size is small because page size affects your website load time and also image size and plug-ins also matter.

A large number of plug-ins in WordPress destroyed your SEO and your website never rank due to page load time is high, all website development Karachi companies   reduced their page load time for better ranking

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First of all, Create a Creative Content of the page.  Write an Attractive Title of the Blog. Use the Primary keywords in it.  Put Some Related Images or Videos, to understand the content of the page.  To Speed Up of Page., make Sure your Image, Videos Size smaller.  Further more, Check Page loading Speed. Resolve Issues.

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To rank you page high please give a catchy title first and make your story attractive. Use headings and sub-headings, write simple sentences easily understandable, put up small size meaningful images.

Furnish with researched keywords, incorporate hyperlinks , avoid using too much plugins and finally checkout your text for SEO and readability.

Thanks. I am Tarique a Professional Marketer with experience in Digital Marketing

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