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  • Default Asked on September 4, 2018 in Search Engine Marketing.

    The first pages of SERP are the results pages displayed by the search engines like Google based on users’ queries.

    Several factors contribute to what content is prioritized and listed first on the Google SERP. The factors that weigh most heavily are listed below:

    • Researching relevant keywords.When keywords surprisingly align on your webpage with a users’ search, the more likely it will be that your content will appear higher in a search’s results page.
    • Domain authority.Enormous companies always seem to rank first because of Domain Authority. Google search engine algorithms give priority to sites with higher domain authority as you can trust these sites. Factors like links to and from the site and the length of time a site has been around can all affect this score.
    • The user’s physical location.Users who are searching for a shoe store in India don’t want to see results for a shoe store in Srilanka, so Google will automatically take location into consideration. This goes for nonphysical products, too.
    • The user’s browsing history.What search results the user get displayed is the impact of what a user searches for, even if the result differences for the same query between separate users are subtle.
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  • Default Asked on September 4, 2018 in Link Building.

    Classifying Redirect link of a website in three types:

    • Redirect for increased engagement – This is used as a internal linking strategy as you write a blog. Redirecting to an internal link ensures increased engagement of the user at the site
    • Redirect for missing pages – If there are pages that no longer exist, you need to insert redirection codes in order to avoid 404 errors at the website. 404 errors will be flagged as errors in your Google search console and you will need to take care of them
    • Redirects to authority sites – These are really external links that you might take the visitor to, in case he is more interested in a specific topic. External links focus on making sure that you are satisfying the requirement of the visitor. A lot of external links is not a good idea, as it takes them away from your site and you want the visitor to spend maximum time at your site.

    All these 3 types are pretty useful from a SEO standpoint and play their role in improving overall SEO ratings.

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  • Default Asked on September 4, 2018 in Canonical Tags.

    To inform Google that you have similar or identical content on multiple domains you can use the rel=canonical tag. It’s your wish to cross-post the content across several domains that you own.

    If you have different pages with similar content (for example, a page with both a mobile and a desktop version) or a single page of your website is accessible by multiple URLs then it is treated as duplicate versions of the same page by Google. Therefore to remove the ambiguity Google will choose one URL as the canonical  version and crawl that, and all other URLs will be considered duplicate URLs and hence will be crawled less often.

    Google will make the choice for you if you don’t explicitly tell Google which URL is canonical. Or if Google considers both pages having same content as of equal weight this might lead to unwanted behavior. If a search engine determines that many URLs serve up identical content, the engine will select a preferred version (often referred to as the “canonical” version) and reduce the value of the other copies.

    It will do this for each page for which it finds apparent duplicates, and the canonical version may not be the same domain name for each page. This can cause the search engines to consider your internal linking inadequate and ultimately devalue all your domains.

    In your case the domain-1’s page repeated in domain-2 so it’s not a duplicate content in domain-1 or domain-2. One of the worst results you have is – exact same content available on two sites (different domain) has some bad impression in Search Engines.

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  • Default Asked on September 4, 2018 in Social Media Marketing.

    Below are some of the best tools you can check for social media marketing.

    • Buffer
    • Hootsuite
    • Sprout Social
    • MeetEdgar

    Reason being, they all offer easy integrations of social pages and social brand pages. Further, you can schedule posts, create campaigns, events etc.

    I hope that helps.

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